Rejected By Google AdSense

If Google AdSense rejected your submission for ad placements on your blog we understand the feeling. When all successful things come into fruition one must sail through the storms and knocking waves of rejection first. So how do you get approved by Google AdSense after just being rejected?

Not to worry, there’s hope.

Can I Still Apply To Google AdSense?

Fortunately, you are still able to apply and re-submit to the Google AdSense team to review your website. Before you submit; however, take note for the reason(s) why your blog was rejected in the first place.

Here are some reasons as to why your blog might have been rejected:

  • Not enough content
  • Your website has no value
  • Your website has no views
  • No privacy policy page
  • No contact page
  • Low quality content
  • Spelling & grammar errors
  • Design of your website

The great thing about Google AdSense is that the team informs you what your blog is lacking. Remember, Google AdSense has very strict policies and requirements so you must earn the access to monetize your blog.

How Many Times Can I Apply?

There’s no limit to how many times you can apply to Google AdSense. The only limit is your will. How bad do you want to accomplish this goal?

Here are some great ways to add value to your blog:

  • Publish new posts consistently
  • Increase your blogs traffic
  • Write posts over 500 words
  • Share on social media
  • Check your spelling and grammar
  • Use high quality images
  • Look professional

If your blog isn’t structured in a manner to get approved by Google AdSense, it simply means you have more work ahead of you. If you Google AdSense rejected you more than once let this motivate you. You’re one step closer to monetizing your website.

Why Google AdSense? Should I Use Another Advertiser?

Google AdSense is the most sought out means of placing ads on blog websites for many reasons. Their popularity makes them an attractive choice. They have higher paying ads amongst their competitors and their credibility is a huge factor as well.

There are actually many alternatives to Google AdSense of which are much easier to receive approval from. You can actually find a big list when searching for Google AdSense competitors on any search engine.

If Google AdSense rejected your website and you’re interested in treading other waters you can certainly do so. Some of these competitors are actually easier to be accepted by but don’t bid higher than Google.

So How Do I Get Approved By Google AdSense?

Congrats! Approved By Google AdSense!

Getting approved by Google AdSense will require whatever it takes from you to do it. Do not let rejection put you down to the point where you stop blogging overall. Fun fact: was rejected about 6 times before finally being approved! Each time I was told no I pushed even harder. Believe me when I say it’s doable.

Be attentive to the reasons provided by Google AdSense. If the team emails you notifying what must be changed to your site make sure you take care of it. There is no cutting corners on this one guys!

When Google AdSense rejected my blog I kept fixing and adjusting my site until eventually I was given the green light. Be persistent and keep getting better.

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