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I’m teaching my readers how to invest in the stock market and how to invest in crypto step-by-step for the first time ever. also brings you the latest market news with integrity.

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Momentum Stocks

Meme Stocks, AMC, GameStop, Shiba Inu Coin, Dogecoin,
AMC Stock Reddit, GME Stock, Meme Stocks + More

Everything you want to learn about meme stocks and other power plays in the stock and crypto market can be found here. Take a look at the information and data leading to a short squeeze. AMC stock reddit news updates + more.

Long-Term Stock Investing

Long Term Stock Investing
Spy Stock, S&P 500, Index Funds + More

Before there were meme stocks, there were fundamental plays. My first investment in the market was in the S&P 500 index fund. These long-term assets have been my pride and joy for safe and long-term stock investing.

Market News

Market News FrankNez, Trending Stock and Crypto News,
Trending Stock and Crypto News

Read the latest market news on! Market news allow my readers to do a little bit of research before making any financial decisions for themselves. Here you will find the latest market news on what’s trending in the markets.

Make Money Online

Blog for entrepreneurs
How To Start An Online Business + More

You’re here to make money. This is why you’re diving into investment articles. I teach you how to increase your income so that you can further amp up your investments. Never rely solely on one source of income. Read more to see how you do it. – Subscribe on YouTube!

My #1 mission is to provide you and millions of people with the knowledge on how to invest, how to reach financial stability, and how to keep tackling your most profound dreams and goals.

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