It is possible to develop business internationally thanks to a wide range of investment programs.

A unique feature of the offer is receiving a passport for economic development.

There are usually several options, so there are many to choose from.

So, investors enjoy the advantages of a passport and purchase real estate.

Requirements for foreigners are different, as well as ways of investing.

Learn more about the Dominica second citizenship offer to form your opinion.

In addition, the help of a reliable agent with a license Imin Caribbean Acyr Jardim will be helpful for many cosmopolitans.

Dominica citizenship program

The country is located on one of the Caribbean Sea islands, attracting tourists.

It is worth settling in Dominica because of the excellent infrastructure.

The distribution of the funds from the program is published, and the government directs investments to improve the quality of life.


It is easy to evaluate the benefits of the Dominica passport by investment program, since official status guarantees access to certain benefits.

It is necessary to meet the basic requirements to qualify for participation and obtain second citizenship:

  1. Make a contribution. There are only two areas for investment. Foreigners buy the property or make a non-refundable contribution. The investment amount starts at $100,000 per applicant.
  2. Gather documents. The entrepreneur must provide documents that confirm the absence of dangerous diseases and criminal records. This way, the country checks the applicant for reliability.
  3. Pay additional costs. The verification of the candidate is carried out in stages. So, the investor must pay for all provided procedures, including legal expertise.

The minimum age of the applicant is 18 years.

The government must approve the property for participation in the program.

You can rent and sell the property after 3 years of ownership.


Citizenship on the island is also beneficial in terms of the development of existing businesses.

Visa-free travel is available in more than 140 countries.

Cosmopolitans visit Britain, Singapore, and other countries without visa documents.

The next item on the list of benefits is a low investment threshold and optimization of the tax system.

You can apply for the offer remotely.

The process is confidential, and it takes 2-6 months to receive Dominica citizenship by investment.

Vanuatu citizenship program

Vanuatu is another island that is popular among tourists.

Foreigners appreciate the country for its surrounding exoticism.

Here you can not only spend an eventful vacation but also stay permanently. The government has a lot to offer to cosmopolitans.


Investing in the country’s economy will allow you to become a full-fledged resident.

The amount of investment is 130 thousand dollars for one person.

Participation in the program Vanuatu citizenship by investment for a family of 4 people will cost more but does not become less attractive.

The application includes providing documents on the reliability of the investor and other added applicants.

Each person needs to prepare information about the absence of a criminal record and health problems.

Children should not be over 25 years old.


It is possible to complete the application remotely.

You will need the assistance of a licensed professional.

Getting aย Vanuatu passport by investment allows you to:

  • use the simplified taxation system;
  • get an opportunity to open an account in European banks;
  • travel without a visa to 95 countries;
  • use the property for renting out;
  • application processing within 2 months.

The presence of benefits is a reason to pay attention to the program.

All entrepreneurs over 18 are eligible to participate in the program.

Programs comparison

The choice of a suitable option is based on personal expectations.

Visa-free travel, a unique tax system, and a low investment threshold are the main advantages of the Dominica program.

The cost of participation starts from 100 thousand dollars, and there is also an opportunity to purchase the property.

The requirements of the Vanuatu program are quite simple.

Only one investment option is offered to investors.

Despite some limitations, Vanuatu citizenship by investment remains among the best options.

It is because the return on investment is between 5 and 7 years.

A comparison of the two offers is made regarding cost.

Adding other applicants is accompanied by additional charges.

Moreover, buying real estate for the tourism business in Dominica looks quite attractive.


The search for a suitable program begins with a study of available options.

The interest in the offers does not fade, and the help of an expert will allow you to meet your requirements.

You can get additional information and consider as many programs as possible during consultation time.

A professional will point out the differences that are not always visible and will help you to make an application without visiting Dominica or Vanuatu.