Can AMC Stock Make You a Multi-Millionaire?

Can AMC stock make you a multi-millionaire?
More and more investors continue to buy AMC stock – AMC Lambo

Investors from all over the world bought AMC stock last year to enter a life-changing play.

This life-changing play would occur in the event of an AMC short squeeze, or MOASS (mother of all short squeezes).

The number of retail investors who own AMC’s float increased from 3 million in 2021 to a whopping 4 million in 2022.

So, why do investors continue to buy this so called ‘meme stock’?

Let’s discuss it.

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How high did AMC stock go last year?

AMC reached an all-time high (ATH) of $72 per share in late May of 2021.

Retail investors were able to drive the stock price up more than 3000% from mere trading volume and momentum.

The volume during the runup went as high as 700m-900m per day as FOMO (fear of missing out) kicked in from investors who neglected the data earlier that year.

While mainstream media was telling the public to avoid buying the stock, was the only news blog advising people of the opportunity that lied ahead.

Hedge funds betting against AMC lost billions in the process and continue to short the stock to this day in hopes to recuperate some losses.

What allowed us to see this massive surge months before it happened?

When AMC reached an ATH of $20 per share in January, the retail community noticed that AMC’s short interest was still high, meaning not every short seller had been squeezed from their position.

After several months of buying and hold the stock, AMC shareholders managed to squeeze only 4% of shorts from the total 20% short interest being reported at that time.

AMC’s short interest dropped to 16% when it skyrocketed to $72 per share and is currently sitting at 20% today.

How much money would you need to have invested in AMC to make $1 million?

AMC when lambo? Can AMC moon?

If you got in around $2 per share before AMC climbed to $72, you would have needed to invest roughly $14,285.71 in AMC stock to have made only $1 million.

Investing $50,000 at the same entry price would have made you $3.5 million if you cashed in at the all-time high of $72 per share.

But did you know that many ‘ape’ investors didn’t take profits and continue to hold the stock?

Well, why’s that?

The answer is simple, the short interest percentage continues to be extremely high and hedge funds have borrowed twice as much more shares to short the stock since AMC’s runup to $72 per share.

This means AMC’s third runup potential is even more massive than the first and second of last year.

Why is mainstream media trying to scare you from your money?

Because the owners of these corporations are betting against these stocks and don’t want to suffer more significant losses.

In the video below, I go over the short interest data that shows us why AMC’s next price runup is going to be larger than the one in January and May/June of 2021.

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AMC price prediction 2022

AMC when lambo? Can AMC moon?

I project AMC’s next major price runup will range between $140-$250 based on a 4%-6% short interest drop.

And this is only with very small short covering.

AMC’s share price could squeeze much higher depending on how many shorts actually close their positions.

I update AMC’s short interest data straight from Ortex daily here.

How soon will this happen?

In the video above I go over the patterns shareholders will need to keep an eye out on.

We are currently in a bear market so short sellers have an advantage in today’s market.

However, as soon as the market begins to transition towards a more bullish market, momentum and high buying pressure will begin to move AMC’s share price up again.

Here we’ll see more incentive for shorts to close their positions as the market sentiment in general begins to move upwards again.

We were in a bull market when AMC’s price surge occurred last year.

The SPY had even reached an all-time high.

Today the SPY (S&P 500) is down -8.36% on the year-to-date chart.

Is AMC stock a buy in 2022?

is AMC stock a buy in 2022
Can AMC moon?

AMC’s float is now owned by 90% of retail investors; up 10% from the end of last year.

Retail investors buying the stock are discovering the short interest data that points towards a much larger price runup in AMC stock.

The question is, will you miss this third runup?

Although shareholders continue to hold the stock, investors anticipate due to the incredible amount of shares loaned that need to be purchased back, AMC stock can go as high as $1,000 per share or more.

While this figure might throw you off balance for a second, if regulators hold hedge funds accountable for the large sums of naked shares in the market, then this figure is certainly possible.

Whether regulators enforce this action or not is another thing.

But one thing looks certain.

Based on AMC’s short interest data, this ‘meme’ stock is not done moving.

And any corporate media platform telling you otherwise may only be feeding into the narrative short sellers want you to hear.

So, can AMC stock make you a multi-millionaire?

AMC when lambo?
AMC when Lambo? Can AMC moon?

This is going to depend on two key factors: the number of shares you own, and how high the stock price may potentially run up to.

In my AMC exit strategy guide I talk about goal setting to make sure you cash out handsomely profitable.

We cannot time the peak of a short squeeze nor determine how many shorts have covered until the data has been updated 2-3 days after positions have been closed.

However, I’ve found that creating an exit strategy with a goal in mind will help you determine how many shares of the company you will need to own to reach your cash out goal.

You may start off by writing down brackets of $100, $200, $300, and so on to identify how close or far off you will be to that specific goal in mind.

Keep in mind that the farther out your bracket is, the riskier holding your position may become.

The point of a short squeeze trade is to make a positive impact on your current finances.

Remember, bulls make money, bears make money, but pigs get slaughtered.

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  1. Paul

    I got into this play after stumbling across this blog. I joined the Patreon but have only used it a few times. At the price it’s well with it, because I want to support you for getting me into the stock market.

    I knew nothing about it before. Since of the things I’ve learned were eye opening and others were disgusting. I never knew that there were parties that shorted great innovative companies into the ground. Companies that could have changed the world for the better.

    I have $60k in highly shorted stock now and would consider myself an activist investor. I feel good no matter what the outcome because I feel what I am doing is “right”.

    • Frank Nez

      Paul – thank you for being a big supporter. Happy to hear you’ve gained value and knowledge from the blog in regard to market structure and injustices in the system. I’m a strong activist investor myself and will continue to fight for retail.

  2. Shesse Shahon

    This waiting is getting to me. It’s hard. I’m in for about $6.5k at $42 average. I just pray this gets back up to $42 so I can GTFO!

  3. Nick

    You know I’m thankful to reddit for introducing me to all of this, but more thankful there are people like you explaining it in a grounded manner. I truly believe we will experience MOASS, but I don’t have quite the same high hopes as many redditors who think the price per share will genuinely reach into the millions. Could it theoretically happen? Sure, but anyone who believes that 99% of people would be willing to hold that long and not sell are unfortunately going to be the ones left holding the bag after this wild ride is over.

    • Frank Nez

      Hi Nick – thanks for your input brother.

      • Rich LoRusso

        Hey Frank, Love your articles, got in AMC last year @$5 $12 and $15….Im holding 600, buying the dips..We can Crush These Hedge Pigs!!! God Bless Brother!!! Rich LoRusso(61 years young!!!!)

  4. Frank Nez

    Let’s start a discussion!

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