BREAKING: DoJ Launches Criminal Probe on Hedge Funds

DoJ Launches Criminal Probe on Hedge Funds
DoJ probe investigates hedge funds for criminal activities in short selling

BREAKING: The DoJ (U.S. Department of Justice) has launched a criminal probe on hedge funds short selling while breaking the law.

There are massive concerns hedge funds have been profiting from short selling using illegal means.

You don’t say.

This is what the ape community has been making noise about all year.

Ladies and gentlemen, things are about to get very interesting.

Welcome to – today’s market news is a direct result of the ape community making noise for a fair market. The U.S. Department of Justice has launched an expansive investigation on hedge funds.

Let’s get started!

Department of Justice Looks into Hedge Funds

department of justice looks into hedge funds
DoJ probe looks into hedge funds

According to Bloomberg, the probe is being run by the department’s fraud section with federal prosecutors in Los Angeles.

Community, can you imagine how these short sellers must be feeling right now.

Their worst nightmares just came to fruition, and it’s only the beginning.

This expansive probe will be digging into how hedge funds tap into research and setup their bets against retail investors.

Furthermore, authorities are piecing together relationships between hedge funds and researchers, and hunting for signs of manipulation that cause stocks to significantly drop though engineered means and inside trading.

“Short And Distort” Campaigns

The SEC and DoJ are said to have gone after hedge funds for running “short and distort” campaigns.

These campaigns set up bearish bets and release misleading or inaccurate information about a company to drive the price down to profit from the play.

This sounds just like what The Fool, InvestorPlace, MarketWatch, YahooFinance, and Benzinga have been doing all year.

These mainstream financial platforms desperately attempted to divert the public from buying AMC stock by publishing false narratives about the stock, community, and company.

My publications all year were an effort to fight against FUD media and provide the community and public with honest news.

Now, these predatorial tactics are finally being investigated.

Will The Feds Step Up and Enforce the Rules?

The Feds have released a few hedge fund names they are looking into.

Anson Funds and Marcus Aurelius Value are among more than a dozen firms that are being investigated.

Citadel’s name has yet to come up in any of these market news outlets.

However, the entire list hasn’t been fully disclosed yet, though they seem to specifically be looking at Citron Research.

My hopes are that smaller hedge funds aren’t being used as scapegoats for the biggest market maker and hedge fund in the industry.

Citadel Securities and Bank of America have been on the top 10 list of financial institutions shorting AMC stock.

While it’s great to see reports of investigations, justice will be served when the manipulation in both AMC and GME is stopped.

The #DOJ needs to look into Citadel.

The Ape Community Sparks DoJ Probe

the ape community sparks probe

There is no greater voice or activist than the ape community made up of several millions of retail investors holding AMC and GME stock.

We’ve been using our voice and our platforms to fight for a fair market.

The ape community continues to prove it is a beacon for change.

And we will expose corruption where we see it.

Give yourselves a big round of applause because it’s due to your efforts that change is happening.

If the DOJ is looking into hedge funds, it’s because the community demanded it.

What has been done in the past about market manipulation?


The world needs the ape community to fight corruption and to restore balance in the markets.

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  1. Frank Nez


    • will

      Looking into and ACTUALLY doing some are two different things. The whole system is corrupt

      • Frank Nez

        Yes, they need to do SOMETHING about it. Solutions.

  2. Rob Staite

    Now is the time more than ever, for everyone to continue to be vocal and continue to bring public awareness. The more people that know the harder it will be to sweep it under the rug.

  3. Hyp3rB14d3

    The only reason I could see the department of justice acting in good faith is to save their own asses. Although admittedly, a pending economic collapse might be sufficient motivation. Even if it wasn’t back in 2008.

    Regardless, I’m not holding my breath, here.

  4. Soseeopath

    I will believe it when I see it. We are talking about an awful lot of money and power to be held accountable. I think we can all guess how often that happens.

    • Frank Nez

      The community has been getting a lot of attention. Our concerns have been getting a lot of attention. Justice will be served ⚖🦍💪

      • Warren

        You have a lot of faith in a big pack of fudds

        • Frank Nez

          Progress is progress. Keeping an open mind towards a positive outcome is imperative. Being open to receiving is imperative. Expecting change is imperative.

          • nonislot

            thats correct

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