Everybody enjoys feeling special on their birthday, and although the celebrant’s friends and family will undoubtedly play a major role in organizing the celebration, shops may also join in the fun.

It turns out that there are many good reasons to provide staff gifts to your customers or workers on their birthdays. According to a Vibes survey, 77% of mobile users said that getting birthday and anniversary material, unique greetings, and surprise points would significantly increase their brand loyalty. Therefore, putting in the time and effort to make your birthday campaigns stand out is worthwhile. Continue reading in order to find out how to do that.

Free Goods

Consider offering customers a complimentary gift on their special day. Brands that give out goodies on birthdays include Sephora and Starbucks. Customers of the former are entitled to a complimentary drink or snack item on their birthday.

Conversely, Sephora allows people to choose items from a carefully picked collection. Offering free samples and excess inventory to clients is a terrific method to get them to test your items.

If you thought that this bonus is used only in the industries we are used to, then you are wrong, even casinos have jumped in on the fun. Take MI casinos as an example. For new and old players alike, Michigan online casino birthday bonuses offer you a bunch of gifts such as Free Spins, Deposit Bonuses, No-deposit bonuses, and Loyalty programs. That’s a great deal if you enjoy some quality gaming from time to time.

Give a Unique Discount

It may appear like the low-hanging fruit when it comes to birthday presents. But when used properly, these discounts provide useful user data and speedy outcomes. If you’ve never run a birthday campaign before, think about launching one with a unique offer that customers can take advantage of on their birthday.

Disney is one company that excels at this; during their birthday month, clients may get 20% off their purchases.

Extra Benefits

The unfortunate truth with loyalty programs is that even while a lot of customers sign up for them, not everyone uses them to the full extent.

According to a CodeBroker poll, fewer than half of the participants actively participate in the majority of the loyalty programs they are a part of. Only 18% of respondents to the poll said they actively use all of their reward programs.

If your program isn’t engaging as much as it should, think about adding birthday prizes to get people excited. When done well, this strategy may increase member engagement and reintroduce your brand to them.

Surprise your Clientele

Are you still deciding which kind of incentive will work best, or are you just attempting to keep customers guessing? Think about providing your clients with a variety of surprises and prizes throughout their birthday month.

ThirdLove, a lingerie shop, does just that. An annual present is given to members of their “Hooked” loyalty program; the gift is kept a secret until the member’s birthday.