Big Volume in AMC Shows Investors Aren’t Leaving

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Market News: High volume in AMC Entertainment stock shows retail isn’t leaving

AMC Entertainment stock might have dropped in share price, but the volume shows investors aren’t leaving.

In fact, there’s been a lot of FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) occurring where retail investors are either being advised to sell AMC’s Preferred Equity (APE) by brokers or being advised to sell AMC stock altogether by mainstream media.

While both might be quite alarming, investors seem to be holding down the fort for the movie theatre chain.

And if you’re puzzled by what may lie ahead for AMC then this article will provide you with some clarity.

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The theatre chain has gained a loyal following

AMC Entertainment’s volume remains healthy despite the uncertainty in both the market and company during these misinformed times.

The movie theatre chain has received little to no accolades for not only surviving the challenge of the pandemic lockdowns, but for an incredible and speedy recovery during the retail movement.

The company has managed to pay off a ton of debt, acquire several new successful locations across the country, and beat earnings every quarter since 2021.

AMC Entertainment also purchased a huge stake in gold and silver mining company Hycroft, instantly raising $295 million in just two weeks.

Yet CEO and Chairman Adam Aron is ridiculed for doing what no one else in history has done, communicating with shareholders to save a century old company from the grips of Wall Street market manipulators.

But the truth is Adam Aron is a sharp businessman and has an incredible skill for raising capital out of thin air.

He recently proposed AMC’s Preferred Equity, or $APE.

APE allows the company to have access to a fraction of shareholder’s capital in AMC stock by dividing the stock’s value into two separate securities.

While AMC Entertainment might not be able to dilute more AMC shares unless approved by shareholders, the company has access to do so with APE, raising a large sum of capital at any given moment.

It’s a genius move on behalf of the company and investors are happy to contribute to any possible catalyst that may potentially squeeze short sellers.

Retail investors continue to buy AMC stock

AMC stock
Retail investors continue to buy AMC stock

On Wednesday the movie theatre chain closed with its average of 49 million in volume.

The previous trading days consisted of trading at the average volume or twice its average volume, reaching more than 100 million.

AMC’s high volume shows that despite falling share prices, there’s high demand for the movie theatre stock.

On social media, ‘apes’ continue to raise awareness of market injustices and lack of proper institutional regulation.

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler said on Twitter, “regulators are looking to bring greater transparency into short selling”, a practice that market makers and hedge funds have overleveraged to suppress stocks such as AMC, GameStop, and many more from reflecting their true demand in the market.

Gary Gensler said in February during a Bloomberg exclusive that 90%-95% of retail’s orders are not processed through the lit exchange such as the NYSE.

But retail investors are making a ruckus, exposing conflicts of interest in the finance sector and demanding change.

For decades now the voice of reason has fallen on deaf ears, even Forbes is calling out for Gensler’s resignation.

Investors relay that only another lobbied Chairman will replace him – signifying it makes no difference.

Today, shareholders are looking to create a squeeze in both AMC and APE.

And with enough momentum, it’s impossible to not recreate what occurred in June of 2021.

Is AMC stock worth buying?

If you’re an AMC shareholder, leave a comment below explaining to new investors your thoughts.

Is AMC or APE stock worth buying?

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– Frank Nez



    Blue Horseshoe loves AMC. Corruption and manipulation in the market has been prevalent for a very long time. It’s time to clean house at the SEC.

  2. Larry

    The Hedge funds collectively PUSH AMC and APE and others SHORT and at the same time we have very interested retail investors buying AMC and APE and the news is we RETAIL investors are the problem? We are investing in the market like it was created for, no more or no less
    Build it and they will come.

  3. Nicholas J Maples

    I hold 1xx shares of AMC and APE, I think it’s worth buying if you understand the bet your are making.

    AMC is still heavily shorted and I don’t think it’s in any danger of going bankrupt since COVID ended.

    The bet is whether hedgefunds will be forced to eat their shorts or not. They won’t willingly lose billions of dollars and the SEC is in no hurry to make them follow the rules.

    So I just wait and move on with my life.

  4. Dee Ralph Shaw

    i have 1000 plus shares of AMC I am down at present but plan on buying more AMC because I believe AMC will go much higher.

    • Frank Nez



    When do we bring the lawyers in? How do we put pressure on the SEC?


    148 Million shares traded on Monday with AMC losing 45%??? Trading was halted several times? Why? APE Stock didn’t sky rocket on Monday? The inmates are running the prison. Where is the light???

    • Frank Nez

      The inmates are certainly running the prison – we need people from the inside to create some real change while retail investors on the outside continue to raise awareness.

  7. Dameon Harrington

    2x normal volume but the price drop 2 days straight?!?!?!?! Talk about manipulation.

    • Frank Nez

      It’s blatant market manipulation. The demand for the stock should be reflecting in the share price.

  8. Caow

    I just want to see the big ones lose for once. They can’t control the market. No matter how much they wish it was so

    • Frank Nez

      They lost last year – it’s possible retail can kick ass again.

  9. Frank Nez

    Let’s start a discussion! Leave your thoughts below.

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