AMC stock is up 2600% and it's only the beginning
AMC stock soars with volume and fundamentals. Short sellers have yet to cover

AMC Entertainment stock has a Fintel score of 99 of 100 for a short squeeze. AMC stock is up more than 2600% year-to-date and shorts haven’t even begun to cover their positions.

What does this mean for the average retail investor? You can still get in, but hurry before this rocket flies past Pluto.

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Contrary to what the mainstream financial platforms are advising, AMC Entertainment stock is only getting warmed up.

AMC stock is the #1 stock in the market right now. It’s also the most held stock in the market at the moment. AMC Entertainment’s market cap is currently sitting at 28.2 billion.

AMC also has a massive opportunity to move from the small cap Russell 2000 to the large-cap Russell 1000.

Will AMC stock keep going up?

AMC Entertainment stock will continue to fundamentally rise due to an increase in retail investors buying the stock. Gamma squeeze after gamma squeeze should put AMC’s stock price above $100 once we break the $80 level.

Once AMC’s stock price passes $100 I don’t doubt we could start to see short sellers begin to close out their positions. AMC is currently trading at $55.

New retail investors getting in on AMC right now are going to make money no matter what.

AMC is extremely bullish

AMC Entertainment has no means of becoming a penny stock again. The cinema industry is picking up the pace with new movie titles out-earning one other.

The company has raised billions in capital and any talk about dilution actually plays in AMC Entertainment’s favor. AMC’s fundamentals and positive news continue to be a support for retail investors holding the stock.

AMC’s volume is mainly being driven by the data that heavily supports an upcoming short squeeze. Majority of the AMC community has been holding their position since early February. This batch of retail investors are now seeing massive gains but aren’t selling.

New retail investors join the fight

New retail investors might be curious as to whether AMC’s share price will continue to rise. If you just joined the community of apes you’re more than likely under by a few dollars per share or up some.

Good news is you don’t have to worry. AMC Entertainment has a better setup than it did when we were holding months back. You’re in a safer zone than most of us were.

My advise to new retail investors joining the cause is to be patient and enjoy the ride. Yes there’s manipulation going on in the market but the community is making enough noise now to get our voice heard.

The greatest transfer of wealth in history

The greatest transfer of wealth in history AMC

Our generation is going to experience one of the greatest transfers of wealth in history. Overleveraged hedge funds are now being investigated. It’s only a matter of time before they get margin called and are forced to close their positions. The result? A massive short squeeze that’s been overdue for quite some time now.

Why is the media trying to scare people out of their money?

It seems recently the mainstream media has been both hot and cold about AMC. I think they’re beginning to see there’s no way they can sweep this under the rug anymore. Especially since more people are starting a position in AMC Entertainment.

Nonetheless, the media continues to scare people out of their money by advising people to avoid it or invest in something else. Now why would they do that? Simple. They’re hedge fund affiliates and get paid to write FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) articles.

The truth is an AMC short squeeze is inevitable

AMC short squeeze score fintel

Shorts keep borrowing shares to drive AMC’s stock price down. The number of short shares available has increased to 700,000, via Fintel.

The SEC seems to be taking things a little more seriously now too. FOX Business published a headline regarding the SEC charging a trading firm with naked short selling.

Naked short selling is the illegal practice of trading shares that are not available/exist to trade.

With that being said, AMC’s growing community continues to be heard. Once hedge funds are forced to close their short positions we can expect a violent short squeeze to come from it.

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