AMC Movie Theatres Are Here to Stay

AMC Movie Theatres
Market News: AMC movie theatre news and updates

AMC Entertainment movie theatres have undergone massive change despite mainstream media backlash.

The largest movie theatre chain in the world has been attacked by Wall Street ‘experts’ and corporate media personalities for over a year now.

Movies are back though, and the cinema experience is here to stay.

Tom Cruise’s ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ opened with $253 million worldwide making it the actor’s highest earning film ever.

Many films have broken record this year and AMC Entertainment’s fundamentals have recovered exponentially.

AMC shareholders have been the movie theatre’s backbone.

I’m going to go over a brief update of where AMC stands today.

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AMC movie theatres rise again

AMC movie theatres might have been resurrected by retail investors in 2021, but the company has risen above all adversity post pandemic.

While Wall Street and its media affiliates might have tried to bankrupt the company by shorting the stock, short sellers have another thing coming.

But more on that later.

AMC Entertainment had the best 1st quarter in two years when it exceeded market expectations.

The movie theatre giant saw an impressive $630 million improvement in revenue in Q1 and $233 million in adjusted EBITDA from over a year ago.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness leads Q2 to an incredible start as it became the biggest opening of 2022 and the second largest opening post pandemic to Spider-Man No Way Home.

Tom Cruise’s ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ only further fuels that success for the company.

AMC movie theatres has an incredible number of movie titles coming out this year movie-lovers will not want to miss out on.

I’m personally looking forward to ‘Thor 4: Love and Thunder’ and ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore’ coming out in June.

Let me know in the comment section which film you’re most excited for AMC to showcase this year.

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AMC invests $250 million in state-of-the art laser projectors

CEO and President Adam Aron announced in April AMC movie theatres spent a quarter billion dollars in state-of-the-art laser projectors.

A quarter of a billion dollars were used to upgrade the move theatre experience for avid movie goers, according to the CEO.

AMC Entertainment is switching old projectors for state-of-the-art laser projections.

The laser projections are going to provide guests with much brighter and sharper pictures on screen.

This is also the greenest environmental initiative in AMC’s 102 years, according to Adam.

The investment demonstrates how important the cinema experience is to the company for its guests and shareholders.

AMC movie theatres have already beat earnings from previous years, but now they’re taking the cinema experience to another level.

Shareholder confidence in the company continues to grow as the century old movie theatre chain goes on the offense.

But that’s not all.

AMC Entertainment has also expanded and acquired the highest quality movie theatres in the country.

The acquisition of 7 Bow Tie Cinemas

AMC Entertainment (AMC) acquired seven former Bow Tie Cinemas locations in April.

Five of which are in Connecticut, one in upstate New York, and another one in Annapolis, Maryland.

The new movie theatres in Connecticut will double AMC’s presence in the state.

Bow Tie Cinemas locations that previously served alcohol will continue to offer wine, beer and liquor and be rebranded under AMC’s MacGuffins brand.

While the converted theaters will no longer honor Bow Tie Cinemas Criterion Club rewards, impacted customers who sign up for AMC Stubs with the same email used for their account will be rounded up to the next Criterion Club award they would have received under the program. 

The largest movie theatre chain in the world has also acquired several Cinemark Cinemas locations.

AMC Theatres reopened Cinemark’s former lease as AMC Evanston 12 in Chicago earlier this year.

Last year the movie theatre chain took over the famous Gove and Americana theatres in Los Angeles.

Both of which were listed in the top 30 most successful movie theatres in the world.

Wall Street might want the movies dead, but movie theatres aren’t going anywhere.

AMC movie theatre stock

AMC Stock
Market News: AMC Entertainment Stock

AMC stock made the biggest ruckus on Wall Street last year when retail investors drove the stock price to all-time highs through heavy buying pressure.

The community has grown from 3 million to 4 million retail investors.

Now, over 90% of AMC’s float is owned by retail and short sellers still haven’t left.

With a short interest of almost 23%, AMC Entertainment stock continues to be a short squeeze play.

AMC shareholders continue to buy and hold the stock in efforts to drive AMC’s share price to a new all-time high this year.

You can read more about AMC’s short interest, price prediction, and short squeeze data here.

So, although AMC’s share price has come down, shareholders know something corporate media simply won’t talk about.

AMC stock is about to get big again.

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    NSCC-2022-003 APPROVED!!! 05/31/22

    This used to be NSCC-2021-010 that would implement the SFT Clearing Service. It got delayed 9 months and was then removed and resubmitted as NSCC-2022-003. This is the one i was waiting for to pass to tell us they were close to being ready to let the MOASS happen. It would limit or prevent the rest of the market from tanking when the hedge funds started defaulting because it would let them use the NSCC as a go between for loans from other members. If they defaulted the other party would not have to worry they won’t get there money and the NSCC would be able to sell off the loaned securities in a controlled manner to keep the stock from crashing. If it was just a loan between the shorter and the loaner the shorter would dump everything at once and fuck the market. There is no listed date for when it will go into effect so it’s possible it will go into effect right away but don’t be surprised if it’s in a month or so instead.

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