As of 2023, there were 4,792 global casinos and online gambling businesses worldwide. And we can guarantee all of them will offer some form of bonus. That’s just the regulated ones — it’s impossible to find true figures of how many regulated and unregulated casinos there are, but we’d guess close to double that figure.

And it’s easy to get customers. All they have to do is offer a bonus, and it’s easy to lure people in. That’s where the issue lies – you want a legit bonus from a legit casino.

Read on for five signs an online casino bonus is legit.

Clear and Understandable Terms and Conditions

The first thing you should look for with US online casino bonuses is the terms and conditions of the bonus. You want to know how to get it and where to get it from. Some of them can be long, but skimming through and picking out the bits you need will help you understand if it’s a legit bonus. Most reputable casinos will put the basics of the terms and conditions in writing underneath the bonus ad. 

If they do, it’s a sign that the casino values clarity and honesty over sneaky tactics to confuse players. Detailed explanations of how to activate and use the bonus, how to meet the wagering requirements, and what games contribute to these requirements should all be clearly stated.

It doesn’t mean it’s legit, but it’s one of the ways of gauging legitimacy. 

Realistic Wagering Requirements

Nobody wants unrealistic wagering requirements. Most of us use online casinos for fun, depositing $5-$10 at a time. Yet, some less-than-legitimate bonuses will ask for unrealistic wagering requirements. And then, if you read the terms and conditions, you realize it’s almost impossible to have any returns on your wager.

These are the bonuses you should look to avoid. Legit casinos are transparent about how different games contribute to meeting these requirements – players can strategize their gameplay accordingly.

Positive Community Feedback

The voice of the community is probably the one you should look for – but don’t put a new casino down because they don’t have an online community yet. Players are quick to share their experiences, both good and bad, so reviews should build up quickly. 

Legitimate bonuses often generate positive buzz within the community. Players share tips, strategies, and success stories. Look for a pattern of positive feedback highlighting not just the benefits of the bonus but also the casino’s overall integrity and customer service. 

Are players saying they feel valued and entertained? Are they finding the bonus terms fair and the payouts prompt? These are the questions you should ask yourself. 

License and Certification

A legit bonus comes from a legit casino, and nothing screams legitimacy like the right licensing and certification. There’s not much else to it. You can look for all the other signs, but this one matters the most. These credentials mean that the casino adheres to industry standards and regulations. Look for casinos displaying their licensing information, usually found at the bottom of their homepage or in the ‘About Us’ section. You can also find it by looking online. 

This transparency is a sign of a casino that takes accountability seriously, ensuring that their operations, including bonuses, are scrutinized and approved by regulatory bodies.

Reasonable Time Limits

Legit bonuses give you a fair window to use your bonus and meet the wagering requirements. If a bonus pressures you to play more quickly than is enjoyable, it’s probably not looking out for your best interest. That’s not to say it isn’t legit, but we’d say it’s one to avoid. A bonus with a 30-day limit gives you space to strategize and play at your pace, whereas a bonus expiring in 24 hours is rushing you. 

Recognizing a legit online casino bonus comes down to multiple things – but we’d say the top of the list has to be legitimate licensing. Still, you can follow the other tips we’ve mentioned and make your own decision about bonuses. , understanding the requirements, and listening to the player community.