10 Myths About The AMC Apes The Media Has Wrong

Apes Together Strong
Apes Together Strong – AMC Apes

Who are the AMC apes?

They’re the retail investors fighting for market change in our financial system.

We’re the ones who saved AMC and GameStop from going bankrupt.


Welcome to Franknez.com – the blog that provides you with articles on stock, crypto, and market news. Here are 10 myths about the AMC apes the media has wrong.

Let’s get started!

1. “Apes Have No Education”

Apes Together Strong

Apes actually come from a variety of backgrounds and yes, professions.

Retail investors in the community range from your average 9-5 hustlers to business owners, doctors, and even lawyers.

Though many identities are kept hidden, it’s not difficult to see why.

People from all over the world have become an ape for more reasons than just money.

2. “Apes Want To Overthrow The Government”

apes are exposing financial risks

Apes don’t want to overthrow the government, apes actually just want a fair market.

Contrary to how apes are portrayed in the mainstream media, the community is not made up of hooligans who want to overthrow the government.

Apes simply want government to hear the communities concerns regarding the market.

Hedge funds pose risks to our financial system.

The ape community has made it a mission to create real change for a fair market thus sparking a real movement.

3. Not Everyone Is A New Retail Investor

New Retail Investors

The community attracted many new retail investors.

However, many apes have been investing in the stock market for years.

I’ve actually provided the community with my personal long-term winning stock picks for when they’re ready to diversify.

Other apes in the community show new retail investors how to read chart patterns and even how to day-trade other plays that aren’t AMC or GME.

This is the community where the average person can not only learn how to invest in stocks, but also gain magnitudes of value and knowledge.

#4. We Don’t All Hang Out On Reddit

apes wallstreetbets reddit

Although apes started on Reddit, a lot of apes don’t actually affiliate themselves as a ‘Redditor’ or with r/wallstreetbets.

AMC and GME apes have separated from r/wallstreetbets mainly due to an increase in infiltration from shills, toxic persons who’s mission is to bring down the community.

Subcommunities are now much tighter around a variety of influencers within the community as a whole.

And although we don’t often identify as community leaders, influencers have done a great job at keeping retail investors together.

#5. We’re Not 19 Years Old

AMC Apes Retail Investors

Contrary to what the media might think, the ape community is not made up of 19 year-olds.

In fact, majority of apes are much older than that.

But, I won’t give that information out to marketers.

The community isn’t naΓ―ve, there are a lot of wise and intelligent people with real stories and lots of experience here.

The media often times portrays us as rebellious youngsters.

But I believe many of us will actually be the future leaders of our nation.

#6. We Don’t Actually Eat Crayons, Well Sorta

apes eating crayons

Eating crayons is a taunt and is part of the ape community culture.

It’s a message to smart money that we’re dumb money, yet we’re making money while they lose it by shorting AMC and GME stock.

The meaning of eating crayons originally separated us from formally gathering as a community to buy these stocks.

“Buy and hold, but what do I know, I’m just a crayon eating ape.”

Although I must say, I wouldn’t be surprised if some apes do consume these delicious snacks πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚.

#7. “Apes Just Want To Make Quick Money”

apes don't day trade amc or gamestop

If apes wanted to make quick money, then the community would be day-trading AMC and GME stock.

However, that is not the ape way.

Apes buy and hold the stock.

Seasoned apes who got in early could have cashed out tremendous amounts of gains but continue to hold because it’s not about making a quick buck.

It’s about making life changing money through a short squeeze play.

Apes have a why.

In fact, leave a comment below what your why is.

Why do you hold AMC and/or GME stock?

#8. “Apes Worship Adam Aron and Ryan Cohen”

AMC and GameStop Partnership

The community has a tremendous amount of respect for AMC CEO, Adam Aron and GameStop Chairman, Ryan Cohen.

We support them because they’re running the businesses of America’s two favorite stocks.

We want to see them succeed, but we don’t worship them.

In fact, most apes are willing to continue investing in both companies after MOASS, especially if a dividend is announced.

#9. We’re Actually Not Jim Cramer’s Friend

Jim Cramer AMC Apes

Despite The Street’s Jim Cramer portraying to be close to the ape community, he can’t sit with us.

Few apes actually respect the guy, but he can’t sit with us.

Did I mention that?

Mr. Cramer has just contradicted himself too much and the community is huge on trust.

We have more trust for FOX’s Charles Payne and CNBC’s Melissa Lee.

#10. Apes Invest In More Than Just ‘Meme Stocks’

Apes invest in more than just meme stocks

The ape community might have a ton of new retail investors only dedicated to AMC or GME stock specifically.

However, many apes are also invested in other assets such as crypto and even NFTs.

Apes are the retail investors who are finding the early plays and putting their money to work for long-term financial gain.

Some popular crypto apes are currently invested in are Dogecoin and Shiba Inu coin.

These Retail Investors Fight For What’s Right

The AMC and GME communities are a beacon for change.

We seek to establish a fair market so that future generations no longer get taken advantage of by corrupt hedge funds and financial institutions.

I’m confident the fight for a fair market will further continue even after AMC and GME MOASS.

What else does mainstream media need to know about the community?

Leave a comment below.

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  1. bdw60

    Been screwed over in the stock market for over 40 years.
    Got mostly out after finally realizing everything was rigged.
    Then GME & AMC and now DWAC came along and it’s a great opportunity to get back some of or hopefully many times more of what I consider was stolen from me.
    So revenge mostly, but maybe driving a Lambo past Citadel and honking the horn would be a great thing to add to the bucket list! LFG!!

    • Frank Nez

      Now that’d be something!

  2. Juan

    I HODL to prove to everyone that working together the collective is stronger than the 1%. I HODL for 2007/2008 when I lost my home, and my tax money used to bail hedgies out. I HODL for my children so that they may know a better market, not this sham of thieves that does not fit with the model of society promised by the framers. HODL

    • Marion anderson

      I hold as well due to the crash 2008 by the banking system Lost a lot, more than I can say down to corrupt banking system and falsified property values by the banks.
      This hit globally as I am outside of USA.
      I will not forget.
      That is why I hold, to help to clear the coruptness.

      • Frank Nez


  3. Apes of the night

    The ape movement, is exactly what the world needs, we want to cast fear over anybody that wants to lie and manipulate the stock market, we ask for fair trading, in fact we demand fair trading, if not be careful what your next play is, because us apes are watching, it might not be today, might not be tomorrow but we are coming. You have been warned!
    Yours sincerely
    Fellow 🦍

  4. Rojo Nixon

    The slag on us I hate the most is that we’re all proud boys and Maga insurrectionists / oath keepers, New Hampshire Project Libertarians, & perhaps the worst insult is that we’re Joe Rogan β€œBrogans”. I and several Apes I know are active democrats, actively believe in the idea of Governance and a system of checks and balanced to keep the (not so) β€œfree” market in check.
    True Apes keep politics out of it. I once remarked how great it is to see so many of us set all that aside and get along / work together in this space and even THAT was too close to Pol for most. Apes prove there need not be a civil war. That for profit media entities and key figures are the ones stoking our divide. We prove we can work together in 2021, 2022, beyond and that’s amazing.

    • Lonny Richards

      As with any non- political affiliation or group, there’s no “one” demographic. I do disagree that we saved AMC and GME from bankruptcy though. We shoddily patched a sinking ship. Options/shorts alone cannot bankrupt a company. Only a terribly run company can do that.

  5. BigUgly1

    My why, look around you, it doesn’t have to be a 1 person making the decisions on how we live on this beautiful planet of ours.

  6. viv

    I have been Investing for over 25 years. This 🦍 community has changed my mind on how this market works. I’m a January 🦍 πŸš€πŸŒšπŸ¦πŸ’ͺπŸ’• give us fair market for all.

  7. vic g-man

    Any unworthy or unnecessary “HOSTLE TAKEOVER” shud be of concern also if it’s corporation that gives back to the community for the good of the people at large

  8. Richard Sotelo

    I’m a homeless 12 yr military veteran ape. First time investor since may.i hear people don’t invest what you can’t lose. I have lost or had everything stolen from me.i have a hundred shares or so that’s the only thing I have.If can hold you can hold.

    Thank you Sherlock homie

  9. Tj

    Most Apes have a heart of Gold. Kind, decent, family raising, hard working, people. I’m one of those 9-5ers. I work hard to feed and shelter my family. Small investor who believes in the change the Apes will bring to not only the U.S. financial system, but hopefully, the world. #ApesTogetherStrong

  10. ajl1

    Within the 5+ million APE population there are many many educated and well versed honorable people. Some of which are IT Personel who have exposed the criminal ranks of the Stock Market and have put the MM and HF’s on tilt!! APE NATION!!!

  11. Alfredo Iznaga

    As I always write, I don’t know English, I write with the Google translator, I have shares of AMC being sincere for knowing you and the community, I started reading your articles and the comments of the apes of the fight they had and I decided to enter Without knowing about investing in the stock market (I have already made other investments with their advice jjjjj) but with the information so precise, transparent and encouraging that it offers here to be able to earn money, and thus have a change in my life and that of my family. (Aaaa and I am not a 19 year old boy, I am 53 years old) jjjjjjjjI have a degree in Physical Culture and Sports, HOLDEAR,HOLDEAR Y HOLDEAR UP TO THE PRICE GOES TO THE MOON.

  12. Rob

    Speak for yourself!! I’m 40 going on 19 and I LOVE my crayolas!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Frank Nez


  13. Moto

    We’ve learned that their FUD articles are repetitive and laughable, and they need to learn that.

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